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DescriptionThis is the monitoring and evaluation plan for convergence in the polio programme in all 66 high-risk blocks of Uttar Pradesh (in this case from June 2010 - May 2012). The comparative matrix outlines the objective programme statement with outcome, outputs and specific activities, monitoring indicators, how frequently these indicators are reviewed in Polio task force meetings, specific values in consecutive months, district and blocks which need improvements (worst performing district-wise blocks with data), qualitative feedback on these districts/blocks, responses undertaken/planned and remarks, if any. A colour code is assigned to worst performing blocks – red for blocks which appear in worst performing list for consecutive 4 months/rounds, brown for blocks appearing in worst performing list for consecutive 3 months/rounds and blue for blocks appearing in worst performing list for consecutive 2 months/rounds. A trend analysis is then charted out for these blocks – whether neutral, positive or negative, with comments and suggestions.
Date Created 2010
Categories Convergence, Forms & Tables, Uttar Pradesh , Monitoring & Evaluation
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