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Press Release 16-Jan-2016GoI press release - President launches countrywide Pulse Polio Programme for 2016
NID launched by President for Jan-2016_English
NID launched by President for Jan-2016_Hindi
Press Release 30-Nov-2015Shri J P Nadda announces India Launch of Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV)
Press Release 17-Jan-2015GoI press release - President launches Pulse Polio Immunization Programme for 2015
Press Release 25-Dec-2014GoI press release - Shri J P Nadda launches " Mission Indradhanush"
Press Release 18-Jan-2014GoI press release - President launches Pulse Polio Immunization Programme  2014
Press Release 13-Jan-2013GoI press release - President launches the National Immunization Day
Press Release 05-Jan-2013 India – Pakistan polio event
Press Release 11-Oct-2012GoI press release – Bihar suspected case is not polio
Press Release 11-Oct-2012GoI press release – Suspected case of polio reported in Bihar under investigation
Press Release 18-Sept-2012 India – Afghanistan polio event
Press Release 05-Sept-2012 GoI press release – A polio free South-East Asia is within reach: WHO
Press Release 31-May-2012 GoI press release – India’s efforts at containing Polio set exemplary standards
Press Release 04-May-2012 Polio eradication gets innovation award
Press Release 19-April-2012 Amitabh Bachchan conferred polio champion award
Press Release 30-March-2012 GoI press release – Lab reports confirm WB case is not polio
Press Release 13-March-2012 GoI press release – Close monitoring of India's polio-free status continues
Press Release 26-March-2012 Japanese grant
Press Release 01-March-2012 India no longer polio endemic
Press Release 25-Feb-2012 GoI press release – India No Longer in Polio Endemic Countries’ List
Press Release 23-Feb-2012 GoI press release – PM to Inaugurate Polio Summit 2012
Press Release 18-Feb-2012 GoI press release – President launches 2012 Pulse Polio Campaign
Press Release 12-Jan-2012 GoI press release – 1 year ‘polio-free’ India
Press Release 12-Jan-2012 India records one year without polio cases
Press Release 19-Dec-2011 Amitabh Bachchan launches new polio communication campaign
Press Release 23-Oct-2011 GoI press release – Longest Polio Free Period Ever Seen in India
Press Release 24-Sept-2011 GoI press release – Health Minister reaffirms India’s Commitment for polio eradication
Press Release 03-March-2011 GoI press release – Targeting polio eradication
Press Release 22-Jan-2011 GoI press release – President launches 2011 pulse polio campaign
Press Release 25-Jan-2011 Japan support
Press Release 01-May-2010 Afghan India cricketer’s polio event
Press Release 05-Aug-2009 Japanese grant 2009
Press Release 18-Feb-2009 Academy award for polio film