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DescriptionThese are a series of written religious appeals. The first is from medical experts at the esteemed Aligarh Muslim University. It explains how the oral polio vaccine is made and declares that it is safe. It says the vaccine is prepared in Indonesia, a Muslim country, that it has no components banned in Islam, and Muslims need not be afraid. The appeal is signed by the heads of paediatrics, community medicine and medical colleges at the university. Other written appeals are from religious leaders in Uttar Pradesh, appealing to Muslims to take part in the pulse polio programme and have their children vaccinated. They declare good health is a gift from God, and it's our responsibility to vaccinate our children. The final written appeal also calls on the community to take part in routine immunization.
Language(s)Urdu and Hindi
Details7 pages
Date Created 2008
Categories Underserved Strategy, Other IEC Materials, Uttar Pradesh
File Type PDF
File Size 2.45 MB