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MediumFlip Book
DescriptionThis is a key tool used by the Community Mobilization Coordinator for interpersonal communication. She uses it to engage with the community during house to house visits, community meetings, and mothers meetings. It has a pictorial storyline to interest the community, with key questions at end of each theme. It is used to explain how the poliovirus is spread, how to prevent it spreading and the importance of vaccinating children with OPV. It also covers routine immunization, handwashing, exclusive breastfeeding, and diarrhea management and their link with Polio eradication. The pictures on one side are shown to the audience, while CMC can read key messages on the side facing her. Primary messages: polio vaccination, routine immunization, handwashing, exclusive breast feeding and diarrhea management.
Language(s)Urdu (also available in Hindi, Bengali & English)
Details 42 pages - large format
Date Created 04-Dec-2012
Categories Social Mobilization Network, Flip Books
OfficeNew Delhi
File Type PDF
File Size 9.74 MB