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DescriptionThese are some sample slides from Uttar Pradesh about the in-depth media analysis done in the polio programme. They reflect the current reporting trends on the polio programme at national/state level – whether the stories were positive, negative or neutral. It helps the evaluate issues, messages, advocates and critics of the polio eradication programme, providing answers to questions such as, how are polio and related issues communicated through the print media, what is working and what is not, who are the civil society spokespersons, what are the issues coming up on the media horizon that can be synchronized with the programme, what are the factors that can affect coverage of the programme, etc. It helps understand trends and shifts in perceptions of journalists and opinion makers. Together these elements give valuable insights in identifying communication opportunities and accordingly formulate strategic interventions for improved media and advocacy interventions on polio and related issues.
Date Created 2012
Categories Media & Advocacy, Monitoring & Evaluation
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