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DescriptionRadio PSA on polio where a mother says confidently, while kids chatter in the background – “When my son has high fever, he gets well with the doctors medicine…. When he gets hurt, I apply medicine on his wounds… and when he has cough, I give him tulsi (basil) leaves…” Popular Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan’s voice says, “Yes. All this is fine, but if your child gets polio, then your home remedies and doctors’ medicines won’t be able to help….and then your child may not be able to walk for the rest of his life. So give your child two drops for the first five years. Remember- Polio has no cure, two drops every time is the right protection”.
Date Created 27-Feb-2013
Categories Polio Immunization Campaigns, Media & Advocacy
OfficeNew Delhi
File Type MP3
File Size 1.15 MB