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DescriptionA radio PSA with four women giving different excuses for not giving polio drops to their children. First woman: I gave polio drops to Shameem last time, so I am skipping this one… second woman: My daughter has diarrhoea , otherwise I would have definitely taken her.” Third woman says, “Even my son has a cold & cough, that’s why I…” Fourth woman: I already gave Munni drops from a hospital recently, besides she is too small, otherwise I too would have given her … The voiceover then says, “Stop giving excuses. Be responsible – because real champions protect their child of up to five years of age from polio, by giving polio drops every Polio Sunday, and help eradicate this incurable disease”. The last message says, “Two drops of life, your child every time”. This PSA was developed as part of the emergency response to the last polio case reported from West Bengal, and later dubbed in other regional languages.
Date Created 2008
Categories Polio Immunization Campaigns, Media & Advocacy, Emergency Preparedness & Response
OfficeNew Delhi
File Type WAV
File Size 5.3 MB