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Game on Polio Plus
DescriptionA game on polio plus issues for low and non-literate audiences. It aims to facilitate discussion among women on these key health issues so that they can understand, change their perception and adopt and sustain new behaviours. Using red and green strings, participants identify positive and negative behaviours from a set of visual cards. The women match the card with a green string if the behaviour depicted is correct or a red string if the behaviour is negative/incorrect, giving reasons for their choices. It helps the CMC identify problem areas in her group and assess which key behaviour needs to be changed. It is part of a kit which comprises of a flip book on polio plus issues and a pocket chart. The flip book is largely pictorial and is used by the CMC with women from her community during meetings. The pocket chart comprises of a set of visual cards which are held to a chart through clips. A question card is placed by the CMC and women need to match it with relevant key behaviours. The interactive process enables participating women to recall important polio plus messages discussed during the meeting. For example, if the CMC places a card with the question, “When should you give polio drops to your child?” The images to match this will be booth day and a child being given OPV even during diarrhea.
Date Created 2012
Categories Convergence, Other IEC Materials, Uttar Pradesh
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