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Feedback Report - District Level
DescriptionThis report is consolidated from block level reports submitted by Field Monitors and prepared by Surveillance Medical Officers of WHO-NPSP. This is a sample report of Saharanpur district in west Uttar Pradesh. The SMO fills in this report daily during an ongoing polio immunization round. It has details of which high-risk groups and areas were covered by vaccination teams on that particular day, what issues have come up or were observed such as which teams closed work before time, or did not go out in the second half of the day (bi-phasic activity) converting refusal houses, new born tracking not done, false conversions reported, replacements in vaccination teams, vaccine distribution and cold chain issues, and so on. The report is shared during the daily evening de-briefing meeting at district level, basis which immediate corrective actions are taken.
Date Created 2005
Categories Polio Immunization Campaigns, Forms & Tables, Uttar Pradesh , Monitoring & Evaluation
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