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Emergency Poster
DescriptionA poster, with the picture of a polio afflicted child, designed for use during a polio case outbreak - before and during a polio immunization round. Showing a child on crutches is designed to reinforce the threat of polio, in areas that have not seen cases for some time. It’s printed and ready to go in seven different Indian languages. The main message reads ‘there is risk of polio in your area’. The message below it reads, ‘Polio paralyses for life and has no cure. Prevent polio, give OPV to your child every time’. The message in the pink strip at the bottom reads,‘first 5 years, give your child polio drops in every polio round and routine immunization’. On top right is the polio campaign logo which reads, “protection from polio, two drops for my child every time”. Primary message:polio vaccination
Language(s)English (also available in Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Telugu)
Details19 x 29 inches
Date Created 24-Dec-2012
Categories Posters, Emergency Preparedness & Response
OfficeNew Delhi
File Type JPEG
File Size 0.42 MB