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DescriptionThis is the main form duplicated many times in the CMC Field Book for Bihar. The field book is filled out by the Community Mobilization Coordinator as she/he goes house to house. It is used to record data for each household; including where there are children under five living, whether they’ve been vaccinated for polio or received routine immunization, if they were missed then why, where there are babies and pregnant women living and more. It also sets out a monthly work plan for the CMC, and has pages to summarize data that can be torn out and handed over for data collection. The Bihar version of the field book combines the routine immunisation and the supplementary immunisation sections on one page. In some cases, like on this page, pictures of faces are used to keep records, making it easier for CMCs who have low literacy.
Details1 page
Date Created 2010
Categories Social Mobilization Network, Forms & Tables, Bihar, Monitoring & Evaluation
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