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DescriptionA CMC area round report filled in at the district level by the SMC during a polio round. It has details of all the BMC areas under the SMC with further details such as the total number of CMCs, number of booths and children vaccinated at booths. It also has report of A Team – total houses visited, total children under 5 years in the houses visited, children vaccinated and ‘X’ (refusal) houses with further break-up of reasons, followed by B Team report. The form also lists out children missed in the particular round. Page 2 of the form lists out segregated ‘X’ report – number of refusal houses generated and remaining in the different blocks of the district.
Date Created 06-Mar-2013
Categories Social Mobilization Network, Polio Immunization Campaigns, Forms & Tables, Uttar Pradesh , Monitoring & Evaluation
File Type PDF
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