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DescriptionBuntings with 4 different sets of messages on polio. It is put up at polio booths on vaccination day, giving a festive look to the place and also attracting people to the booth. The 1st message reads, ‘two drops for my child every time’. The 2nd message reads, ‘first 5 years, polio drops for my child every time’. The 3rd message reads, ‘polio has no cure, two drops every time is the right protection.’ The 4th message reads, ‘your love is complete only when your child gets polio drops every time’. Each bunting leaf on the left has the polio campaign logo which reads, ‘protection from polio, two drops for my child every time’. Primary message: polio vaccination
Date Created 24-Feb-2013
Categories Polio Immunization Campaigns, Other IEC Materials
OfficeNew Delhi
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